A few questions regarding referees in Russia

The fact:

After game 1 of the Russian quarterfinals between Dynamo Moscow and Lokomotiv Kuban, a secret recording by Dynamo Moscow has allowed to make public a conversation involving the designator Astianen, the two referees Krug and Bulanov and the commissioner Resser, in which designator and commissioner blame the two referees for their failure to let Lokomotiv win as planned, followed by the self defence of the referees, claiming to have done everything possible and that it was Lokomotiv's fault for having thrown the game away.

The audio file subsequently posted on YouTube has caused the resignation of the Russian Basketball Federation's President from the office of Chairman of the Russian Championship.

After the fact, the group of the Russian referees responded with an open letter denouncing the very strong pressure they received from above and lasting for several years, declaring themselves victims of the situation and offering to be part of and to support the renewal of the system.

My personal observations:
Since last year when I arrived in the Russian league, I realised how worrying the situation was: in this year and a half I have felt humiliated and frustrated in several occasions, as a sportsman before than as a professional.
At this point, though, we should go a little further and ask ourselves a few questions.

1. Is the President of the Russian Basketball Federation and Chairman of the Championship the sole responsible for this situation, as someone would like it to appear?

2. Could a system like this stand without political support at a higher level, well above the Federation?

3. What role had the most powerful club, as the “guilty” Astianen went to attend international matches wearing a shirt of that team?

4. What value can have the "repentance" of the referees at this point of the story?